Welcome to “Agni Air”. We have been in the transportation business for a number of years, and look forward to many more successful years. Let us put our experience to work for you. We strive to make transporting you, your belongings, or an important package as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving your family across the country or sending a letter across town, we can handle the job. We take the pleasure in introducing Agni Air Ltd. as one of its kind in the field of Air Taxi operations. The airlines commenced its operations in 2006 and since then it has been totally committed to providing efficient and safe aviation facilities. Till September 2008 it has catered around 2.5 million passengers including 1.5 million foreigners.

We at Agni Air are committed to providing best in class, reliable and convenient air transportation that meets or exceeds our customer expectations. Our work philosophy has been to look forward and always strive for excellence.We have made plans for substantial investments in the 21st century, so that Agni could always maintain the high standards of quality in service it has provided and at the same time project itself as modern progressive airlines. Therefore our will to move forward coupled with the friendly and caring service of our team speaks elegantly of our determination to reach new heights.

A significant focus of our strategy formulation has been the implementation of IT Systems. An exercise in foresight done by the management emphasizes the need of making substantial investment in technology in order to project itself as a safe, professional and modern airlines. Agni plans to implement Online Reservation System whereby customers would be able to check flight availability and reserve seats online, thereby, saving their precious time and effort.

Available departures

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  • Outdoor standard cabin

    Half board

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    Cabin facilities:Minibar, Private bathroom, Room service, Safety Deposit Box, TV, WiFi

    Stylish and individually designed room featuring a satellite TV, mini bar and a 24-hour room service menu.

    Bed size:King size

  • Indoor standard cabin

    Half board

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    Stylish and individually designed room featuring a satellite TV, mini bar and a 24-hour room service menu.

    Bed size:King size

  • First class cabin

    All inclusive.

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    Stylish and individually designed room featuring a satellite TV, mini bar and a 24-hour room service menu.

    Bed size:King size


JanakpurJanakpur (IPA: [dʒəŋɑkpʊr]) also known as Janakpurdham is the administrative headquarters of Dhanusa District of the Janakpur Zone and as of 2015 had a population of 169,287. The city is located about 123 kilometres (76 mi) south-east of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Janakpur has a substantial tourism industry due to its significance in Read more

Fleet Information

Our aircrafts are handled by some of the best trained and experienced personnel's of the aviation industry. The Cabin crew is totally dedicated to their mission of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by way of personalized service.

Power plants
Two 1230 KW (1650 SHP) AlliedSignal TPE331-14 GR/HR turboprop engines driving five Two 1230 KW (1650 SHP) AlliedSignal TPE331-14 GR/HR turboprop engines driving five blade McCauley propellers. Dornier-228(Dornier Lufthart German) aircraft - a product of the most renowned and time-proven German technology. Our twenty seater aircraft is most suited for group of both corporate and tourist travelers. The maintenance of the aircraft is in accordance with the accordance with the international standards and we also adhere to the necessary safety and security regulations governed by Civil Aviation of Nepal.


Llocated west of Kathmandu, is the capital of the Western Development Region in Nepal. With a population of about 190,000 inhabitants, it is the third largest city in the country. It is a well-known excursion

destination with its relaxed nature and lush beauty.
Pokhara has a subtropical climate with moderate temperatures. December to January is the coolest period with snowfall being a regular event. February to April is a warm period. The months of October and November are the best time to visit for the pleasant weather and lush green surroundings.

Historically, Pokhara was a mystical place which was partly inaccessible. After the construction of roads in the sixties, the city developed rapidly; today, it is a peaceful, yet active, resort town.

33° to 35° Celsius (Summer)
4° to 14° Celsius (Winter)

Flight Duration:
30 minutes

Jomsom, (2,713m) is important for its strategic position along the popular Around Annapurna (Circuit) Trek route. It is also the starting point for many interesting treks like the Kagbeni, Marpha, Muktinath and Mustang treks. The Jomsom Trek is known for splendid mountain views and some of the best trekking hotels are found on this route.

Jomsom is the capital and administration headquarters of Mustang district, which stretches from the Tibetan border to Ghasa along the Kali Gandaki river. The deepest gorge in the world lies here along the Kali Gandaki as the river passes between two eight thousanders, Mt Annapurna and Mt Dhaulagiri.

From Jomsom you can enjoy the views of the Nilgiri peaks as well as Dhaulagiri, the sixth highest mountain in the world. Most of the hotels, along this trek route, are run by people of the Thakali tribes. They are mostly found in the mountainous regions between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.


16° to 18° Celsius (Summer)

14° to 16° Celsius (Winter)

Flight Duration:

35 minutes


Phaplu is in the Eastern district of Solu-Khumbu, famous for its Sherpas. This village of 5,500 is in a hilly region located 30 minutes east of Kathmandu by air. The local population is 70% Gurung with a 40% literacy rate.


29° to 34° Celsius (Summer)

1° to 10° Celsius (Winter)

Flight Duration:

25 minutes


Lukla is the place where the majority of the visitors make their bumpy but spectacular landing half-way up a mountain side. Lukla is a small Sherpa village perched at 2,850 m above sea level literally nested on a shelf getting out over the Dudh Koshi, Lukla is the arrival gateway to the Khumbu region and a popular starting point for many treks into the shadow of Mt. Everest.
Lukla has grown rapidly with the introduction of its airstrip, which has made the Everest region accessible to many people, not just mountaineers.
Once a tiny farming community, Lukla is now a large trekkers town, with numerous accommodation options (most fairly simple), many shops; selling everything from batteries and soap to yak hair gloves and knock-off North Face jackets, and even a couple of internet cafes.

29° to 34° Celsius (Summer)

1° to 10° Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration:

25 minutes
Tumlingtar is a region and a city, in Eastern Nepal, between Arun river and Sabha River in Kosi Zone. It is also the deepest valley and biggest Tar (Plain land near the hill) of Nepal. The area is also known for the temple of Hindu goddess, Manakamana, known as Manakamana of Tumlingtar, situated 5 km north from Tumlingtar Airport. As urbanization has been growing here, many people of the surrounding areas are attracted at it now a days. This is the south point from which the bus goes to the district headquarters regularly. It is the best place to start mount kailash tour. Agni operates regular schedule flights to tumlingtar from kathmandu.
Biratnagar, a sub-metropolitan and Nepal's second largest city is located in Koshi Zone on the southern Terai belt of Nepal, near the south-eastern border with India. One can get here from Kathmandu by road and air. Biratnagar Airport is the regional hub for vital air services serving the remote Eastern Hills, and there are regular flights to Kathmandu.

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (90-minute drive) is a bird-watching spot. The Koshi Barrage on the Koshi River (two-hour drive) is an impressive sight. Biratnagar is the hub of air routes in eastern Nepal.

33° to 36° Celsius (Summer)

8° to 26° Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration:

35 minutes

Bhadrapur is a town and municipality in Jhapa District in the Mechi Zone of south-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 15,210 people residing in 2860 individual households. Agni Air operates regular flights to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu. It is one of the major destination for trekkers who would like to go for trekking to India(Darjeeling).


From To Flight Frequency Departure Arrival NRP USD Fuel Surcharge
Kathmandu Lukla AG-201 Daily 06:30:00 07:00:00 2355 109  
Lukla Kathmandu AG-102 Daily 07:00:00 07:30:00 2355 109  
Kathmandu Lukla AG-104 Daily 07:30:00 08:00:00 2355 109  
Lukla Kathmandu AG-103 Daily 08:00:00 08:30:00 2355 109  
Kathmandu Lukla AG-105 Daily 08:00:00 08:30:00 2355 109  
Lukla Kathmandu AG-106 Daily 09:00:00 09:30:00 2355 109  
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-801 Daily 11:00:00 11:45:00 2200 86  
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-802 Daily 12:00:00 12:45:00 2200 86  
Kathmandu Mountain AG-601 Daily 07:00:00 08:00:00 2355 109  
Mountain Kathmandu AG-602 Daily 08:15:00 09:15:00 2355 109  
Kathmandu Phaplu Region AG-115 4,7 09:30:00 10:00:00 2355 109  
Phaplu Region Kathmandu AG-116 4,7 10:00:00 10:45:00 2355 109  
Kathmandu Tumlingtar AG-201 1,3,4,5,7 12:30:00 13:10:00 2355 109  
Tumlingtar Kathmandu AG-202 1,3,4,5,7 13:25:00 14:05:00 1370 86  
Kathmandu Pokhara AG-701 Daily 09:00:00 09:25:00 2840 86  
Pokhara Kathmandu AG-702 Daily 09:40:00 10:05:00 2840 86  
Kathmandu Pokhara AG-409 Daily 11:00:00 11:30:00 2840 86  
Pokhara Kathmandu AG-410 Daily 11:45:00 12:15:00 2840 86  
Kathmandu Pokhara AG-401 Daily 13:15:00 13:45:00 2840 86  
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-803 Daily 16:00:00 16:40:00 2840 76  
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-804 Daily 15:00:00 15:40:00 2840 76  
Pokhara Jomsom AG-403 Daily 06:00:00 07:00:00 2840 76  
Jomsom Pokhara AG-404 Daily 07:15:00 08:15:00 2840 76  
Jomsom Pokhara AG-405 Daily 07:15:00 08:15:00 2840 76  



Terms & Condition

Cancellation and Refund

  • One time prepondment of travel will be made free of charge, if the seat is available on the requested flight.
  • For one time postponement of travel to a definite date or flight is allowed with no cancellation charge, if the postponement is made prior to 72 hours of schedule departure time.
  • The cancellation charge will be as under
  • 5% of the applicable one way normal fare will be charged in case of cancellation is made prior to two days before schedule departure date.
  • 10% of the applicable one-way normal fare will be charged in case cancellation is made one day before schedule departure date.
  • 33.33% of the applicable one-way normal fare will be charged in case cancellation is made on the same day, but the 1-hour before schedule departure time.
  • The ticket not reported for check-in or cancellation at least 30 minutes before the schedule departure time to the ticket reported for flight or cancellation after the departure of flight will be termed as "No Show"
  • The "No Show" ticket will not be refunded.
  • The lost ticket will be treated as per the clause of a, b c if it was holding confirmed status.
  • No cancellation charge will be levied on open dated, request and open dated lost tickets will be full refundable.